Join Us for Development

For development of anything the 2 things must be needed those are Men and Money. Same as for development of this NGO we need your support in both the ways. We have branches in all over Gujarat and also in other states of India. To become a member for Consumer Awareness or to open branch you can freely contact us at our Head office.

Future Plans:

  1. To Establish “GRAHAK BHAVAN”
  2. We are planning to build best infrastructure for the easy and speedy solution of Consumer grievances.
  3. We want to give legal help and guidance to poor class of people at free of cost whenever they are in need.
  4. We want to start a movement to remove lackings of Consumer Protection Act so that Consumer can get speedy and qualitative justice.
  5. We want to gather all the activists who are working for Consumer rights, Women rights, Human rights and Environmental rights and would like to provide the platform to present their views.