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A consumer must get easy and speedy justice for that,

  1. A written complaint, can be filed before the District Consumer Forum for economic value(Compensation) of up to Rupees twenty lakh (up to Rs.20,00,000)
  2. State Commission for value up to Rupees one crore(Rs.1,00,00,000) and
  3. The National Commission for value above Rupees one crore, in respect of defects in goods and or deficiency in service and Unfair Trade Practice.

Conditions: Please fill the form above and submit it to us now. However, the complaint can only be proceed once we receive following by post

  1. Photo copies of all relevant documents pertaining to the complaint
  2. Passport size photo with your photo copy of your Resident Proof
  3. Membership Cheque /DD for the relevant amount should be send in favor of "Consumer Protection and action committee."

The above are to be sent to the following address:

All India Consumer Protection and Action Committee

Head Office: 132/327, Spectrum commercial
Center, Nr. Relief cinema ,Relief road


+919998237726, 9725170037

Email id:,