The Organization is registered as a Consumer Association. The registration number is F/1938 under Mumbai Public Charitable Trust Act) and GUJ./2050 under Society Registration Act 1850.

The All India Consumer Protection and Action Committee is playing significant role in the field of Consumer Protection since 1990.The Committee is reputed in the field of Consumer Awareness. The Consumer must not get cheated in any field-this is the main motto of the Organization and it is working for Public Cause. The news related to activities of this Organization publishes in Print Media and Electronic Media as well. The Committee not only plays important role in Consumer Protection but also for Civil Rights, Human Rights, Women Rights and for Environmental Protection. The Committee is constantly working for Consumer's Rights. With the help of Consumer Protection Act the Complainant Consumer gets justice as well as compensation. The Committee is dedicated to Public Awareness. The National Consumer Awareness Abhiyan by All India CPAC is going on to spread awareness among the consumers.

The Committee is working for Justice of consumer rights with help of Consumer Protection Act and others. The Committee is presenting Memorandum for the benefit of Consumer before Central government & State Government. The Committee is filing Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Hon'ble High Court and Hon'ble Supreme Court for the justice.


"To Spread Awareness about Consumer Rights their Protection and their Justice and also to work for Public Cause in all over India."


"We wish for the Healthy, Economic and Social Society that should be free from Consumer and Human exploitation and also to Protect Rights of each and every Consumer."


  1. To Generate Awareness among Consumers about their rights and responsibilities in all over India.
  2. To Motivate Consumer to assert their Rights not to Compromise on quality and standards of goods and services.
  3. To seek Redressal in Consumer Court to get justice whenever required
  4. To involve and motivate various section of society such as consumer organizations, women & youth to participate in the programs
  5. The activities to force Central and State government, whole market-traders, companies including consumer courts for benefit of consumer rights that they should not be cheated in any field of their life.

President's Speech

Today consumers are becoming more and more aware about their consumer rights. And Now the Consumers are not bearing the exploitation or cheating or Unfair Trade Practice with them and they come forward to resist it strongly. They also come forward to consumer association for justice and compensation. Now a day consumers are ready for legal Battle. The committee is focusing on spreading the NATIONAL CONSUMER AWARENESS ABHIYAN. We have been working for public cause since last 40 years in the field of Consumer rights, human rights, Environmental protection, for anticorruption movements, Education, Health, Power and under Right to Information Act. We are dealing with all these type of universal and burning issues and Consumer and Citizens are getting advantages out of these.

About President

Mr. Mukesh Parikh is the Pioneer and the National President of the All India Consumer Protection and Action Committee. He is Working for Public Cause since 1971. He has fight for consumer rights in all the fields. He is constantly trying for Consumer Awareness, their Rights and for a common man's justice. He represents consumers in Consumer Forums and Commission. He is the best activist in the field of consumer movement. He has saved thousands of pepole's life who were suffering from economic exploitation, mental torture and harassment attempting suicides. He is one of the best Public workers for cheated and disregarded consumers. He is the person who drives "Never Ending Agitation" for Consumer Movements since last 41 years.

Our Team

  1. Mukesh Parikh, National President
  2. Atul C.Rao, National General Secretary
  3. Rasikbhai Akhani, Secretary
  4. Hiral Parikh, General Secretary, Gujarat (MBA,FINANCE)
  5. Kinjal Parikh, Joint General Secretary, Gujarat (C.A. Inter)
  6. Neeti Panchal, President Mahila Grahak Jagruti Abhiyan
  7. Nainesh Shah, Org. Secretary
  8. Pravin Modh, Vice President
  9. Darshik Shah, Vice President
  10. Dinesh Shah, Secretary
  11. Amrish Rao, P.R.O. (Computer Engineer)